Thursday, August 3, 2017

Say It Isn't So!!!

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Ice Cream & Post Cards

The boys are at the golf range tonight for Young Men's so after dropping them off I decided to go to the Harbor. I haven't showered since I got out of the ocean snorkeling this afternoon. My hair just dried as it was, probably kelp or sea grass in my hair right now for all I know! I'm sure I look a hot mess but decided to go get an ice cream and write out Ed's post cards. I try to send a post card from everywhere we were, even when we haven't gone anywhere far, just so he gets a little snap shot of home and what we did. Whoever was sitting at the table before me spilled a french fry. I put it on the wall and watched a bird eye it for awhile. He finally came over and got it. Perfect evening for a perfect day. Really enjoy this duty station!

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Snorkel Fun

We were originally heading out to snorkel with the Leopard sharks that normally arrive at this time every year. For some reason they are hanging out off shore right now. So we decided to snorkel La Jolla Cove instead. We had a great time! Tera came with her dad and daughter and Ryan thought it would be fun to join me. There were LOTS of fish and the water was perfect! The sea lions were right there in the water with us as well! The first couple of shadows I saw swimming under and around me made my heart skip a beat! For a split second I thought they were sharks! But than realized they were just sea lions zipping under and around us! Sooo fun! Great day! Ryan loved it!!! We will zip back next month and see if our shark friends have moved to the shore line so we can snorkel with them! 😃

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mama Mia

I'm a zombie today but it was sooo worth getting in at 2 am this morning. About a month ago I saw that Mama Mia was coming to the Hollywood Bowl right around my birthday. I was definitely buying a ticket!!! Lucky for me two of my friends wanted to go too!!!! It was a totally fun night! Perfect weather and an amazing show with an equally awesome cast! Loved it and had so much fun singing along with everyone during the musical! Meanwhile all three of our husbands are in Australia....not sure who is having more fun but we definitely all had a VERY memorable July 29, 2017!

Joanna, me, and my Birthday Twin Tera

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

FaceTime Photos Today

Just some fun photos during our conversation this afternoon!

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A New Friend

Looks like someone has made a new friend! Ed said they were very soft! How lucky is he to hold a koala bear?!!! ❤️ Completely adorable! 🐨😊❤️😊🐨

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SgtMaj & Chaps, Twinning

Got this awesome photo today! Love it! I guess they decided to be twins! 🤣

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Sleep Over Photo Fun

Just having some fun with these filters and a sleepy 2 month old. 😃❤️😊

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I highly recommend the Sandoval Bed & Breakfast! Conveniently located in a gated community complete with armed guards. Free WIFI and movies. I slept great and was served a delicious egg breakfast and yummy smoothie! Just don't wake the wolf child! 😜

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July Sleep Over

Victoria and I had a spur of the moment sleep over! I zipped down to Miramar Thursday evening. We went out to dinner and than watched movies. It was a late night but soooo fun! We all crashed on the couch. I woke up to this cute site! ❤️

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ocean Swim During Shark Week

Mocha Oreos? YUM!

Vicki and I saw a new flavor of Oreos at the Commissary today. I'm a mocha lover so I had to get them try. They did not disappoint!!! Sadly I have a new cookie that I like...

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Until Tuesday

It's been a super fun week of vacation visiting family. Victoria and I shared a room so I would steal Gabby Li from Vicki every morning. And of course I had tons of other time with her so it was totally sad for them to leave after we got to my home. But it's time for them to head home. Gonna be soooo sad tomorrow morning to not wake up to all of Gabriella's noises!!! She is definitely the noisiest sleeper!!! Sooo glad I see them in two days! Yay for Tuesday!

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Shark Week 2017

Ready for Shark Week!!!

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Descendants 2 Snap Chat Fun

Just having fun with Snap Chat while the mermaid is sleeping 😴 😃 She wears purple hair well!

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Mile 225

Gabriella is a fantastic little traveler! We woke her up at mile 225 to feed and change her. As well as the rest of us needed a potty break! She was great and slept pretty much the whole drive home!!!

The driver

Gabriella doing some serious stretches for Uncle Ryan!

Ty saying, "no pictures!"

Gabriela saying hip hip hooray for getting out of her car seat!!!

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Marine Time

Always fun to walk in a place and see what time it is where The Dude In Cammies is! 😃❤️

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Jelly Belly Time

The Jelly Belly Factory is right by Grandmas house so we headed over to stock up on Belly Flops! Those are the imperfect jelly bellies that can't be sold in the regular packaging so they are sold in big 2 pound bags all mixed together! Ya just never know what flavors you are eating. We live dangerously, or rather snack dangerously!!! 😂😂😂

Had to capture Gabriella's first trip here. Ya can't see here but proof she has been here! 😂

I'm forever amazed at these pieces of art made with jelly bellies!
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Glowing Gabriella!

We've got a glowing baby!!! Having fun with this fun glowing filter. I wonder what Gabby Li is gonna think of her baby pictures? 😂😂😂

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La Favorita

Gabriella is definitely the family favorite right now! This cute shirt is perfect!

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Cute Kitty

Gabriella is definitely the cuter kitty cat! I discovered a new filter on Facebook this morning and had some fun. I guess Facebook has finally decided to jump on board with the Snapchat filters! 😃

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Snapchat Smiles

Victoria was having some fun with her Snapchat filter while Gabriella was sleeping. Gabriella must have known how cute her mamma looked! Love those sleeping smiles!

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