Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Bit Of Okinawa At The Park

Okinawa had these awesome parks that we LOVED to play at! Almost all the parks had these awesome rope structures to climb and swing from. The kids were soooo fast on them! Ty and Ryan were like little monkeys the way they would climb and swing. About a week after my knee surgery Ed and I stumbled upon this little park that had a mini rope structure like the ones we used to play on in Okinawa! I obviously couldn't climb it at that time. I had totally forgotten about it until today. So I took Vicki to climb with me. We could see the hospital from the park so no worries on a prego climbing!!! We had sooo much fun and realized we can still climb in flip flops!!! 😃

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Tacos and Nachos At The Beach

I have been wanting tacos all week!!! Finally had a taco and Vicki had nachos! A yummy late lunch at the beach! We had our matching cups! Vicki was fighting a not so fun migraine with a Coke! Love these awesome cups!!!

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Beautiful Morning On The Harbor

It's always so pretty on the Harbor. The fishing boats are busy, sea lions napping, birds flying and the gentle sound of the water. I love this picture...especially the bird about to land by the sea lions.

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Happy Sight

I was soooo happy to see the dock completely full again!!! I've only seen about 4 or 5 since a sea lion got bit by a shark back in February. Such a happy sight to see them all stacked and piled on top of each other again! ❤️

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Fighting For Real Estate

The sea lions were cracking me up this morning!!! This one guy has decided that this one platform is ALL his! Two other sea lions were working hard to get up there and he was not having it!

One made it up and they began their chest pumping and nose nuzzling of each other

Soon they were both in the water just endlessly fighting. Would have loved to be able to see what was going on under water!!!

It was just endless fins and faces breaking the surface

He continually won the numerous battles he had with the two other sea lions and reclaimed his piece of real estate!!!

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Trip Hazards

I'm convinced my furry kids would like to see me fall down the stairs!!!

Leah is almost impossible to step over! She jumps up as soon as I am half way stepped over her.

Bella yells at me, well barking her head off as she runs next to me the whole way down.

And than there is Jasper who races in front of me, zig zags back and forth and sometimes goes behind me and pushes my knees!!! They are going to be the death of me one day!!!

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Clean Fridge, Finally

Finally got the fridge cleaned out and organized!!! That was quite the chore!!! Now the hard part, keeping it this way!!!

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Pack Necessities

The Marine is headed out to the field so I picked up some necessities for his pack! I also picked up a variety of power bars for him. He should survive 😂

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Angelo's Burgers

Ed leaves for training, again, tomorrow so he wanted to grab a yummy dinner before he spends a couple weeks eating MRE's. We decided to try this burger place we've never been to. We were totally surprised to find out that it is American, Greek, and Mexican food with breakfast served all day long. Ed had this humongous burrito, that he loved and my burger was SUPER yummy!!! We've now found a new place to eat and Ed gets to leave for the field with a last yummy dinner!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

No More Private Ryan

I've loved calling Ryan Private Ryan since the beginning of the school year, but no more. Ryan has been promoted to Private First Class.....he had his dad pin on his new chevrons. I remember when Jorden wore the 'genie lamps'. Ryan didn't like me singing 'Genie in a Bottle' either! Hahahaha!

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Fill Your Cup For $5

Yogurt Land by our house was having this awesome $5 cup day! I picked up Ryan from the bus and we zipped over and filled our cups!!! Soooo fun and totally delicious!!! We definitely got our $5 worth!!!

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Okinawa Chocolate Found

Soooo excited to have found one of my favorite chocolate bars!!! I used to buy these at the 100 Yen 💴 stores in Okinawa. I've really missed this chocolate!!! I'm sure some people think that 'you just can't miss chocolate!!!' But I have, this kind, and was thrilled to find it at the Diaso in Oceanside!!!! Yum!!! Sadly it isn't a 100 yen 💴 so I won't be buying it very often, but what a fun treat to have back in my life!!!

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pier Pictures

We killed some time in between Ty's track events over at the San Clemente Pier. The day has been mostly cloudy and drizzly and when the breeze picks up, just plain BRRRRRRR!!!! But the weather was perfect while we were enjoying the ocean views!!! Love these pictures Vicki took of us!!! Definitely my happy place!!!❤️

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sleep In Sunday

Sometimes, well a LOT of the times, I just have to make the bed right over Jasper! This is a typical morning trying to make my bed.....and than i take a picture to show Ed that i wasn't ignoring his side of the bed!!!!

Jasper just stayed put while i pulled the covers over him

He popped his head up when i threw the covers over his head!

Than he gave me pouty face

Soon he was right back to snoring!!!

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Introducing Fish N Chips

Ed and I decided to take the boys to the Harbor and have them try Fish N Chips. Needless to say Ed and I are the only ones that ate that for dinner. Ryan tried it and said 'nah' Ty couldn't bring himself to try it! Hahaha! So Ed and I shared an order since I can only eat one fish and two is perfect for him. Dinner was delicious!!! The scenery was fantastic and no cooking or dishes for me!!! I asked Ty to take a picture of Ed and I and lo and behold! Ryan slid in for the photo!!! And I LOVE IT!!!

Love this picture!!!

Had to work hard to get a picture of Ty!

Yummy dinner!!!

Always fun taking pictures with Ed! He's showing his yummy chewed up fish!

Beautiful scenery!!! Soon we will be kayaking and paddle boarding!!!

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A Rare Ryan Photo

Ryan and I were sitting at a table at the Harbor while Ed and Ty were ordering our food....I looked over at Ryan and saw that the lighting was perfect so I quietly and discreetly put my phone on camera and talked to him about the bird behind him. I aimed my phone in his direction. He didn't move, duck or cover his face!!! Instead he looked right at me and his slight grin seemed to say, ' I know what you are doing mom' So, I tapped the button and actually got a photo of Ryan!!! The majority of my pictures of him are his hand over my phone! I can't believe how quickly he is growing up!!! The youngest is now taller than everyone but his dad!!!

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I'm Not Good To Relax With

Ed wanted to go to the beach this weekend no matter the weather, except rain. It was a little chilly but no rain so we put on hoodies and went to one of our favorite spots. I sat still with him for atleast a minute, and that was atleast a FULL minute!!! But than I had to get comfortable because I don't fit in these chairs like he does! Soooo, I rested my feetsters across his lap....than up to his arm....than his shoulders.....he made me stop when I tried to give him a scalp massage with my toes!!! He also didn't like me playing ocean music on my phone since we were already sitting at the ocean!!!! I offered to play stream music but than he said that would make him have to pee. I suggested Amazon music and he replied I was an we sat listening to the real ocean in front of us and I think he got a little relaxation in.....I tried real hard to hold still and not talk or move.

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Future Career Options

I think Ed might make a great preacher for his second career! He practiced welcoming the empty seats to his first event.

I could be in charge of decorations....looks simple enough....

But I think he would rather be doing this for his next career!!!!

And I'm always fine with anything the involves the ocean and sand in my toes!!!

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