Friday, June 23, 2017

All The Faces

I just love watching all of Gabriella's expressions!

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Torture Tuesday Museum of Man

Our second stop on Torture Tuesday was the San Diego Museum of Man....the boys were a little entertained.....

We read about ancient civilizations and laughed about different things like the Mayans being thought to be soo intelligent and kind to only find out they did human sacrifices....


Well hello Miss Piggy!

Learning about what is for dinner in other countries....the plates actually showed different types of food but my camera caught this picture in between the video.

Ryan said this was a very comfy chair...Ty tried running his fingers across the twine to see if the chair played didn't....

I guessed this to be a Sumo Angel...I guessed wrong!

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Torture Tuesday Underway

I told the boys that they have a standing date with me every Tuesday this summer. Each Tuesday we are going to Balboa Park and we will visit each museum by the end of summer. They grumbled a little at first but I think they actually enjoyed it. Our first stop was the Japanese Gardens. I told them that we are pretending we are back on Okinawa!

The entrance....

Oh! This was catching the shuttle from our parking place to the actual museum section of the park. They reluctantly let me take a picture of 'us' 😄

The fish...the trails....the bonsai's, the beautiful scenery.....

Just beautiful!!!

I had some yummy mochi and Ty had noodles....and remembered he likes Panda Express noodles better than Japanese noodles! 😂😂😂

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Caught A Smile

While I was watching this cute lil mermaid sleep I was able to catch a sweet smile. I wonder what she is dreaming about....

Later in the car I caught this sweet smile

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Babysitting The Mermaid

I got to babysit the mermaid today while her mama and papa ran some errands! She slept the entire two hours in my arms! She is completely adorable!!! Of course I took some pictures with her!

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Today's, Awwwwwww

Little Gabriella just melts my heart. I love that her mamma sends me several photos and videos every day!!! ❤️ I can't believe she is already 3 1/2 weeks old!

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Summer Night Snacks

One of my favorite things about summer is cooking fun snacks when we normally would be in bed! Tonight it was taquitos and lumpia! Sooo glad the boys like both of these because I just want one of each, but kinda hard to just make one!!!

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Keeping The Mermaid Awake

May 16
I worked really hard to keep the mermaid awake!!! Her mamma was getting a nap in and her daddy and uncle Ryan were playing a video game while I did everything from walking her, changing her position, rewrapping her blanket etc to keep lil Gabriella awake so she can go to sleep at night time! She put up a good fight and tried really hard to go to sleep! But I won and kept her awake until Ryan and I headed home! 😊

She is just completely adorable!

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Sleeping Beauties

May 16
I just love this picture!!! And I think that is all I'm going to say about it! ❤️

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Snap Chat With Your Parents

Oh little Gabriella!!! Your mamma keeps me giggling with these fun Snapchat pictures of you with them!

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Another Bench Find

Cooling Off at Johnny Rockets

Bike Ride Around The Lake

Ryan decided to join me on my adventure today. I wanted to go bike riding at Lake O'Neil. It was a warm sunny day and simply beautiful out on the trail!!! We had fun! We rode by the old hospital where Ty and Ryan were born, where all the kids got their shots as well as their medical screenings to be cleared to move overseas. It is also the same hospital I got shots at when I was a kid and my physicals for sports at Fallbrook High. Lots of memories in that big ole building!!! There was one hill that kicked my booty!!! I had totally forgotten that the Mud Run had been there last weekend, totally explained all the mud and extra tough terrain!!! But such a fun ride!!! Definitely going to do this about once a week!!!

Ryan leading the way....the hill tat kicked my booty!!!

Beautiful scenery as we rode around Lake O'Neil

The obstacle course and a little motivation!

Lots of mud still left over from last weeks Mud Run

The hospital Ty and Ryan were born at

Just me

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Location:Lake O'Neil

FaceTime Love

I love that Vicki Facetimes me randomly throughout the day!!! I especially love watching her interact with little Gabby Li. It just melts my heart to see her with her daughter. It's like she's always had her ❤️

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Big Bow

The little mermaid was just as adorable as ever today!!! Wondering if her eyes will stay blue...she is such a cute combination of her mommy and daddy!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Littlest Jeans

Oh my!!!! She can fit into jeans!!! My adorable good morning photo today! The head bands have begun! I just love this lil cutie pie! ❤️

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Snap Chat Fun

June 4

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It's Time!

7:13 am May 28
The last couple of hours were rough as the pain meds were wearing off, but Vicki pulled thru! Ed was able to be there via FaceTime! He happened to be under wifi when it got close so while Vicki was pushing we had her phone by her head so she could see her dad and hear his voice while she was pushing. At 7:13 am the little mermaid left her private pool for dry land! An awesome navy team delivered a beautiful, crying and head full of hair baby girl! They asked her name and without hesitation Adrian said Gabriella. So after all the long conversations of names, Gabriella it is!!!

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Long Night

May 27
Yay! They are admitting Vicki! The mermaid is definitely making her debut! How exciting!!! Vicki was dilated at a 2 but after her doctor stripped her membranes, she was a 5 and in a LOT of pain!!! They quickly got her all hooked up and soon she had some good meds being fed thru her IV! She was getting much happier!!! It was a long night! Adrian showed us how marines are capable of sleeping anywhere! 😂 Vicki had fun wearing her dad's Chewbacca mask. We sent him a very funny video of her in labor wearing it. 😂

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The Mermaid Is Coming

May 27
Vicki called to let me know her contractions had kicked in to full swing! Looks like the mermaid will be splashing in soon! I headed out to Miramar and helped Vicki kill time until time to go in. It is funny being on a base in her house on the same base we lived when she was little!!! We walked outside, walked her stairs, she did Zumba and I held her hand thru the really hard contractions.

Adrian sat with her when she was just too exhausted to even stand up! Soon it was time to go! A mermaid is coming a mermaid is coming!!! :)😊

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